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Perfect Housing is (one of) the trade names of Scope Group B.V. (with registered address Entrepotdok 25, 1018 AD Amsterdam) which operates a number of websites, landing pages, and iframes including and (hereafter referred to the “websites”). By using the services of Perfect Housing, the visitor and / or customer declares themselves to be acquainted and agree to general terms and conditions of Perfect Housing.

These conditions form an integral part of the websites of and are also available on the various websites for inspection.


General Terms and Conditions Perfect Housing


In these general conditions shall apply:

  1. 1. Perfect Housing: A trade name of Scope Group B.V. which provides services by deploying, among other things, websites, landings pages, social media and iframes via the Internet.
  2. 2. Websites: the websites of Perfect Housing, such as and, accessible via the Internet.
  3. 3. Visitor: anyone who requests or views information from the websites.
  4. 4. Customer: anyone who registers with Perfect Housing and / or using one or more services from Perfect Housing whether the service is free or charged for.
  5. 5. Advert: The provision and distribution of information on the websites of Perfect Housing regarding:
    1. a. a proposed lease of registered property;
    2. b. a product or service offered;
    3. c. a brand, product or company name.
  6. 6. Registered object: the property, which is offered through Perfect Housing.
  7. 7. Residential accommodation: a registered object or fixed object.
  8. 8. Landlord: the person (s) authorised to rent out the registered object.
  9. 9. Rental price: the landlord’s desired rent for the registered object.
  10. 10. Button: clickable area on the Perfect Housing websites.
  11. 11. Property: registered object.


Article 1 General

These general conditions apply to each visitor or customer who uses the services of the websites or the services offered by Perfect Housing. By using the services of Perfect Housing, all visitors and customers declare that they have reviewed and are in agreement with these terms and conditions.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is declared void, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. These conditions can only be waived by written agreement, in which case the remaining provisions shall remain in force.


Article 2 Services

The websites and aim to fulfil an internet portal role for consumers seeking rental accommodation. On these websites, information is presented relating to rental accommodation, prices, as well as more general information relating to housing, the environment, financial services, moving and so on. Perfect Housing offers its services to both private and professional parties. By making use of electronic communication, a valid agreement can be concluded. The lack of a signature does not affect the validity of the offer and / or the acceptance thereof. The electronic files of Perfect Housing apply as presumptive evidence. Perfect Housing is not responsible for misunderstandings, mutilations, delays and / or improper transmission of notifications resulting from electronic communication, except to the extent there might be intentional or be due to gross negligence. Perfect Housing has the right without giving any reason not to accept orders or contracts or only to accept advance payment from the customer.


Article 3 Technical limitations

Users of the websites are aware of and accept the fact that, due to technical failure or any other circumstance, websites may (temporarily) be inaccessible. Although Perfect Housing, as far as is reasonably possible, will take all measures to restore proper functioning of the websites, Perfect Housing is not liable in any form whatsoever with regard to the availability, accuracy, quality, performance, transfer, completeness or content of the information provided. The visitor / customer indemnifies Perfect Housing against damages in any form, directly or indirectly, which arises or may arise due to system and/or website failure.


Article 4 Liability

Perfect Housing is not involved in communication between landlords and tenants or in agreements established between landlords and tenants. As a result Perfect Housing has no influence over the quality, safety or legality, correctness of the offer of rented accommodation, or of the legal capacity and authority to act in establishing a rental agreement. Perfect Housing cannot guarantee that the tenant and landlord will conclude a rental agreement. Perfect Housing is in no way liable for the successful conclusion of a prospective (rental) agreement and the manner of execution of any such agreement. Visitors and / or customers to the websites indemnify Perfect Housing in the event of dispute between one or more parties leading to claims, damages (actual and potential) of every kind, attributable or imputable, expected or unexpected, known or unknown arising out of or in relation to the dispute.

The information provided by customers is not controlled by Perfect Housing. The offering party, lessor, and tenant are responsible for use of the information and also for their actions. Perfect Housing is a passive medium, and its role is limited to making visible information provided by the offering party. Perfect Housing’s liability to the visitor, customer or third party is limited to the amount paid by the customer to Perfect Housing. Perfect Housing is not liable for damage caused by a non-timely establishment of a rental agreement, unless it is proven that there is intent. Perfect Housing is never liable for loss and / or consequential damages.


Article 5 Advertisement

If the customer places a house advertisement on the websites, the customer implicitly asserts that (s)he is entitled to advertise the property. When a visitor and / or customer responds to an advertisement, (s)he asserts that (s)he has the right to act as a tenant. The customer warrants that the information on Perfect Housing website:

  • a. Is not false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading;
  • b. With respect to third parties will not infringe rights of these third parties;
  • c. Is free of viruses and does not contain other (embedded) software or links.

The customer will indemnify Perfect Housing third parties as a result of the failure to meet this guarantee.


Article 6 Criminal conduct

The visitor and / or customer warrants they will not make use of software or resources in any form whatsoever, that may hinder, impede or harm Perfect Housing in any way. Visitor / customer are not permitted to use the systems and/or websites of Perfect Housing for criminal behaviour such as, but not limited to, copyright infringement or distributing offensive material, using offensive or unacceptable language proscribed by law or interacting with (other) computer systems without permission. Findings will be reported to the proper authorities and any damages will be recovered from the visitor / customer. Perfect Housing will block or withdraw customer access in the event that any behaviour can be associated with criminal activities. Perfect Housing is not liable for damages, direct or indirect, arising from such actions.


Article 7 Subscription charges

All subscription charges to parties listing properties are communicated by Perfect Housing as compensation for the services provided. Unless stated otherwise, VAT (BTW) is excluded. All amounts are in Euros. The payment term is 14 days after the invoice date.

Perfect Housing is entitled to annually adjust subscription charges and will provide the customer with at least one month written advance notice of any change. An increase in subscription rates due to an inflation adjustment is no reason for the customer to shorten the agreed contract period. If the customer has not paid the amount due within the payment term, Perfect Housing reserves the right, without the need to provide further notice, to increase the amount due with interest at a rate equal to the then statutory commercial interest. Perfect Housing can and will, without further notice, after the expiry of the payment, charge collection costs to customer amounting to 15% of the principal. If the customer has not paid the invoice in accordance with the payment terms, Perfect Housing, without any further notice being required in advance, may deny the customer access to the system and websites and suspend the service until payment has been received. In this event, the information provided by the customer will be removed and costs relating to this action will be charged to the customer in addition to the uncollected fee for the contracted period.


Article 8 Customer information

The customer grants Perfect Housing explicit consent to make available the data of the customer and / or supplier and / or the property offered for rent (and) to carefully selected business partners of Perfect Housing. These business partners can, according to prior agreements with these business partners, use the data to contact customers and / or to transmit information via direct mail and / or email. Perfect Housing requires its business partners to endeavour to protect the privacy of concerned parties. Perfect Housing makes every reasonable effort to handle customer information confidentially and will only use this information according to its published privacy policy.

Information published on the websites is also made available on other internet portals and tens of other websites where there is an agreement in place with Perfect Housing. Perfect Housing is not liable for technical issues on 3rd party websites or where a cooperation with another party is terminated.


Article 9 Cookie Policy

In offering its electronic services, Perfect Housing uses "cookies". Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer's hard drive so that we are able to recognize you when you return. Cookies are not personally identifiable and thus contain no name or email address. It's just a number that helps to recognize your computer. These cookies are merely used to facilitate your use of the web site and sending you information about our company and our (new) products and services. For example, this site uses the opportunity to provide you with relevant advertising on websites other than this website. You may set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to refuse receiving it. Be aware that in such event you may no longer be able to use all the possibilities of the site. As each browser is different, we refer to the "Help'' menu of your browser to erase cookies.


Article 10 Ownership rights

All information available on the websites is the property of Perfect Housing and may not be copied or published without written permission. Perfect Housing retains all intellectual property rights relating to the websites and the information provided on them.


Article 11 Complaints

Complaints should be communicated to Perfect Housing by email ( within a week. Perfect Housing will react promptly and in all events within one week.


Article 12 Disputes

Any dispute arising between Perfect Housing and third parties is subject to Dutch law and will be submitted to a court in Amsterdam.

Copyright © Perfect Housing. All rights reserved.