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Houses for rent in Wassenaar

The small city of Wassenaar boasts some of the most desirable rental houses in the entire Netherlands.

Elegant houses for rent in a luxurious city

Wassenaar is a stylish city which is famed for its affluence, and its rental houses reflect its prestige. The properties themselves are larger than most Dutch buildings and offer impressively luxurious interiors. Because of its proximity to The Hague, Wassenaar offers easy access to many international organisations, embassies and schools (including the American School of The Hague and the British School in the Netherlands). Accordingly, this is one of the most popular destinations for expats in the Netherlands. Diverse foreign nationals, ranging from diplomats to corporate executives, find themselves drawn to the city's luxurious international environment. 

Wassenaar offers more than luxury rentals 

Houses in Wassenaar are attractive in themselves, but the surrounding natural beauty makes this an even more impressive rental location. Within biking distance of the city are stunning sand dunes, beaches and forests. Wassenaar also boasts an extensive network of bicycle paths, attractive tree-lined streets, parks, and high end shops. The city is well-connected to the rest of the Netherlands thanks to its location by the N44 highway. Furthermore Wassenaar is a mere 10km from The Hague, making the "green oasis of the Ranstaad" a popular spot for nature-lovers who also want to keep the perks of city life.


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