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Rent a house or apartment in Feijenoord

The Feijenoord neighborhood is a melting pot of different cultures, and has many houses available for rent.

Experience the melting pot of Feijenoord

Feijenoord is known for its extremely diverse neighborhood population; an astonishing 85% of people come from places outside of the Netherlands. The range of people living in this area in Rotterdam brings about the advantage of having lots of culinary diversity. People living in Feijenoord can enjoy a range of delicious European, Mediterranean and Eastern restaurants. This neighborhood is a melting pot of old and young people from many different national and cultural backgrounds. It is an up and coming area, with more and more young families and professionals renting or buying houses in Feijenoord. The full-blown potential of this Rotterdam neighborhood is increasingly being realized.

Finding your perfect home in Feijenoord

Renting an apartment in Feijenoord along the Nieuwe Maas River will give you some of the most spectacular views Rotterdam has to offer. Anyone living in Feijenoord can stroll along the wide boulevard of the Feijenoordkade and have a relaxing cup of coffee by the water. Moreover, this area has a beautiful park, the Nassauhavenpark. In the summer months you can visit the park to ease off with friends and family. Besides the park, the people living in Feijenoord can use the community garden, which is a great place to meet people and practice your green thumb!

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Rental apartment in Brielselaan, Rotterdam
Brielselaan, Feijenoord, Rotterdam

Feijenoord, Rotterdam

House for rent in Brielselaan, Rotterdam. A 3 bedroom house (completely furnished) of approximately 120 m2 located on the Brielselaan in the Feijenoord neighbourhood of Rotterdam. Read more...

3 Bedrooms
120 M2
Availabe per: Jul 2018
€ 1495 / month
Rental apartment in Strijensestraat, Rotterdam
Strijensestraat, Feijenoord, Rotterdam

Feijenoord, Rotterdam

Apartment for rent in Strijensestraat, Rotterdam. A normal-sized 2 bedroom apartment (completely furnished) of approximately 85 m2 located on the Strijensestraat in the Feijenoord neighbourhood of Rotterdam. Read more...

2 Bedrooms
85 M2
Availabe per: Jul 2018
€ 1450 / month

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