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Rent an apartment or house in Barendrecht

Located in Southern Rotterdam, Barendrecht is a popular residential area with so much to offer.

Rent your home at a great, unique location

In the last eighty years or so, the population of the beautiful residential area of Barendrecht has boomed. Currently, approximately 47,000 residents live in Barendrecht, many of which are professionals. Barendrecht is made up of many business parks, and has several stunning, characteristic landmarks; the elegant Barendrecht water tower, for instance. The apartments and houses available for rent are of modern, sleek design. Many have rooftop terraces with gorgeous city views, ideal for entertaining guests. You might choose to entertain your guests in the nearby vibrant city centre as an alternative. Barendrecht’s location means you will have access to a range of hip restaurants, bars, clubs, and lounges.

Live the upscale, outgoing lifestyle of Barendrecht

There are many sports clubs and teams in Barendrecht, as well as many other community based activities available. The wide range of extra curricular activities reflects the outgoing, active atmosphere of the dynamic area. Safety, cleanliness, and economic stability are just a few reasons why Barendrecht homes are in such high demand. It is a wonderful place to raise your family. Beautiful, spacious family homes, stunning contemporary town houses, and sleek, stylish apartments are available for rent. Find your Barendrecht home on the Perfect Housing website now!

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Rental apartment in Kwikstaart, Rotterdam
Kwikstaart, Barendrecht, Rotterdam

Barendrecht, Rotterdam

House for rent in Kwikstaart, Rotterdam. A substantial 4 bedroom house (completely furnished) of approximately 130 m2 located on the Kwikstaart in the Barendrecht neighborhood of Rotterdam. Read more...

4 Bedrooms
130 M2
Availabe per: Jun 2018
€ 1695 / month

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