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What can I expect from a rental agency?

Choosing a rental agency to find you a new home needs some thought, especially in a new country and housing market that you are not familiar with. At Perfect Housing we believe you should expect the following service from your agency. 

  • Expertise
    • Your agency should be able to explain market regulations, how the (local) rules system works and the implications for the types of property you will be able to rent.
    • Futhermore, you should expect information on potential restrictions on some apartments and information on the various forms of contractual agreements so that you, and the landlord, both come to an agreement that works for both of you.
  • Realistic expectation setting
    • A good agency should have in-depth knowledge of the local housing market and be able to realistically set your expectations regarding what you will get for your money. To help you get an idea of prices in the Dutch rental market, ask your agency for indicative prices for properties matching your criteria. 
    • An agency should also be straight-talking about the likelihood of finding a property matching all your requirements.
    • Setting clear expectations will help focus your search and avoid wasting time viewing unsuitable properties.
  • Attention and professional service
    • An agency should take your housing request seriously and give you due attention, but working with a rental agency is a two-way street. The Dutch market is small and agencies communicate regularly. If a client registers with multiple agencies, the others will soon know about it and one of two things is likely to happen: an agency may lose interest in you, assuming another agency is more likely to close a deal, or an agency may flood you with all their properties - suitable or not - in the hope of closing a deal before another agency. Our advice is always to work with one agency at a time. If you are unhappy with the service you get at one agency, stop the relationship and try another.
  • Negotiation on your behalf
    • Your agency should act on your behalf once you have identified a suitable property and you want to enter into negotiations with the owner. Most agencies and owners do not work with options, so once you make a decision you generally have to move fast. Price is not the only criteria that can be negotiated on - your agency should advise you of where/if there is room for manoeuvre to prevent unravelling of the deal by pushing too hard.
  • Thorough check-in and check-out
    • An agency should accompany you to check in and out of your property and take the lead in inspecting the property for damages and checking the inventory list. The thoroughness of the check-in and check-out documentation will determine to a large degree the amount of deposit returned to you, so a comprehensive inspection is important.
  • Meter readings
    • As part of your check-in and check-out procedures, an agency should record all utility meter readings. Accurately knowing the values when you move in and when you move out means you avoid paying additional costs for utilities you did not use.
  • Deposit administration
    • Your deposit should be (partially or fully) returned within two months of checking out of an apartment. Your rental agency should act on your behalf in trying to the secure return of your deposit if there is a delay.

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