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Rental apartments in The Hague

The Hague is an attractive and vibrant city, with some of the Netherland’s most sought-after housing available for rent.

A charming city with “dutch” rental apartments

Most of the city is styled in a typical “Dutch” fashion, with plenty of beautiful gables, charming cobbled streets and impressive architectural details. The Hague offers its inhabitants a more intimate feel and lower living costs than many other big European cities. Coupled with its world-class educational facilities, business centres and government connections, this makes it attractive to a huge range of people - from international CEOs to students and families. The Hague boasts a huge range of attractions, including world-famous museums and galleries, as well as beautiful parks and Michelin-starred restaurants. And, of course, meticulously maintained bike routes make everything in the city quickly and easily accessible. The Hague is also very well connected to the rest of the Netherlands thanks to its well-serviced train station, which also allows for easy travel throughout mainland Europe.

Living advantages for expats in The Hague

Perfect Housing offers a wide range of long stay apartments in The Hague. City housing mostly comprises high-end furnished apartments suited for expats, with certain properties available in historic listed buildings. These expat apartments are carefully screened, most of them furnished and centrally located. Long stay apartments are full-sized residential apartments that are suited for stays from a few months to a couple of years. They are usually secure buildings with one, two or even three bedroom apartments for single expats or those who have family with them. Perfect Housing has been the preferred website for expat apartments in The Hague for over 12 years!

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Rental apartment in Nobelstraat, Den Haag
Stayci Nobelle Deluxe Apartments, Kortenbos, Den Haag

Kortenbos, Den Haag

Serviced Apartment stayci Nobelle Deluxe Apartments, Den Haag. A cozy 0 bedroom studio (completely furnished) of approximately 35 m2 located in the Kortenbos neighborhood of Den Haag. Read more...

0 Bedrooms
35 M2
€ 3000Price (all incl)
Rental apartment in Seinpostduin, Den Haag
Seinpostduin, Scheveningen, Den Haag

Scheveningen, Den Haag

Studio for rent in Seinpostduin, Den Haag. A 0 bedroom studio (completely furnished) of approximately 25 m2 located on the Seinpostduin in the Scheveningen neighbourhood of Den Haag. Read more...

0 Bedrooms
25 M2
Availabe per: Dec 2017
€ 795 / month

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