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Rent a house or apartment in De Baarsjes

De Baarsjes is a lovely, cultural and communal area close to the centre with a variety of rental apartments available.

De Baarsjes offers a fresh perspective

De Baarsjes is certainly one of the most interesting areas of Amsterdam; there is much to be found in its breezy, open spaces, and behind its red brick facades. It has a fantastic location, being close to the centre, yet it still manages to maintain the charms of an outer city neighbourhood. The rent prices are good value for money, with plenty of small, elegant apartments available. The recent influx of youth in the area has led to a number of stylish new businesses and cultural innovations.

Living in De Baarsjes is a cultural and communal experience

The many green spaces in De Baarsjes provide plenty of opportunity for families and friends to gather and enjoy good company, in addition to the great ambience of the area. As well as its own serene Rembrandtpark, it is very close to Amsterdam’s beloved Vondelpark. With a kaleidoscope of cultures and nationalities, the diversity of De Baarsjes really sets the scene for the many creative thinkers which reside there, and inspires a range of exquisite restaurants, charming cafes, and sultry bars.


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Rental apartment in Nickeriestraat, Amsterdam
Nickeriestraat, De Baarsjes, Amsterdam

De Baarsjes, Amsterdam

Apartment for rent in Nickeriestraat, Amsterdam. A 1 bedroom apartment (completely furnished) of approximately 60 m2 located on the Nickeriestraat in the De Baarsjes neighborhood of Amsterdam. Read more...

1 bedroom
60 M2
Availabe per: Apr 2018
€ 1400 / month
Rental apartment in Bestevaerstraat, Amsterdam
Bestevaerstraat, De Baarsjes, Amsterdam

De Baarsjes, Amsterdam

Apartment for rent in Bestevaerstraat , Amsterdam. A substantial 2 bedroom apartment (unfurnished) of approximately 75 m2 located on the Bestevaerstraat in the De Baarsjes neighbourhood of Amsterdam. Read more...

3 Bedrooms
75 M2
Availabe per: Jun 2018
€ 1750 / month

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