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Are you looking for a rental apartment? With Perfect Housing you will easily find a selection of direct available apartments. The apartments are carefully selected to make sure they suit your needs. They can be available for single expats, couples or families.

Furnished apartments for expats

Perfect Housing works with selected partners to provide access to a wide range of long stay apartments. These apartments are carefully screened, most of them furnished and centrally located. Long stay apartments are full-sized residential apartments that are suited for stays from a few months to a couple of years. They are usually secure buildings with one, two or even three bedroom apartments for single expats or those who have family with them. Perfect Housing has been the preferred website for expat apartments in Amsterdam for over 10 years!

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Rental apartment in Toussaintkade, Den Haag
Toussaintkade, Oude Centrum, Den Haag

Oude Centrum, Den Haag

House for rent in Toussaintkade , Den Haag. A generous 3 bedroom house (completely furnished) of approximately 130 m2 located on the Toussaintkade in the Oude Centrum neighbourhood of Den Haag. Read more...

3 Bedrooms
130 M2
Availabe per: Dec 2018
€ 3450 / month
Rental apartment in De Horst, Noordwijk
De Horst, Noordwijk, Noordwijk

Noordwijk, Noordwijk

House for rent in De Horst , Noordwijk. A 5 bedroom house (completely furnished) of approximately 184 m2 located on the De Horst in the Noordwijk neighbourhood of Noordwijk. Read more...

5 Bedrooms
184 M2
Availabe per: Dec 2018
€ 2495 / month
Rental apartment in Virulyplein, Rotterdam
Virulyplein, City Center, Rotterdam

City Center, Rotterdam

House for rent in Virulyplein, Rotterdam. A 2 bedroom house (completely furnished) of approximately 150 m2 located on the Virulyplein in the City Center neighbourhood of Rotterdam. Read more...

2 Bedrooms
150 M2
Availabe per: Dec 2018
€ 2050 / month
Rental apartment in Luchtenburgplein, Den Haag
Luchtenburgplein, Wateringse Veld, Den Haag

Wateringse Veld, Den Haag

House for rent in Luchtenburgplein, Den Haag. A spacious 5 bedroom house (partial furnished) of approximately 200 m2 located on the Luchtenburgplein in the Wateringse Veld neighborhood of Den Haag. Read more...

5 Bedrooms
200 M2
Availabe per: Dec 2018
€ 2750 / month

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