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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rental Price Analysis?
Rental brokers who list their properties on our website know the market well. Rental prices vary depending on market pressures, location, time of year and the type of property you are looking to rent out. For a free Rental Price Analysis, we invite you to reach out to one of our partners who will then contact you about your property. 

How quickly will my property rent out?
We pride ourselves on providing quality candidates to you as a homeowner. Within minutes of publishing your listing, your property will be shown to countless potential renters. Candidates can engage with your broker by selecting properties of interest and passing on their contact details via our platform. Your brokers will contact you regarding potential viewings and help you find the perfect tenant.

Why is a Broker necessary when listing on the Perfect Housing?
To put it simply: only real estate brokers may list on our website. There are many rules and regulations in the Netherlands that a broker must be aware of. We try to engage with reputable brokers with good properties who know the rules and can help you find a great rental tenant. 


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