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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an ad cost?
Please view our Media Pack for all rates.

What do I need to do to place an ad on your website?
The process is very simple and can take less than 5 minutes to complete. First we ask for your contact information if you are new to our system. Next we ask for some very basic information about your business. You then select the type of plan you would like with us and purchase it. Lastly, you fill in any extra detail you want to include for your ad, such as financial information or pictures to publish your ad.

What audience will I reach on Perfect Housing?
Perfect Housing is the leading housing website in the Netherlands housing solutions for expats. Our website receives +200K page views per month, off which 85% is an expat.

What are my targeting options?
Targeting options: geo local, pre-move, language, destination city, and more…

How soon does my Ad go live on your website?
Right away! We review all ads just in case there was a mistake or something inappropriate and you´ll be up and running shortly thereafter.

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