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About Perfect Housing

Moving to a new country or city can be a challenging experience. That's why we're here - to give you access to the widest range of rental properties and services in the Netherlands. Perfect Housing is the leading website for rental apartments, working alongside selected international and national partners to offer peace of mind, quality, and a great service experience.

Working with Perfect Housing means:

  • Access to an extensive portfolio of rental properties
  • Listings from brokers nationwide
  • Detailed searching and map browsing
  • An alliance of Home Search partners
  • Introductions to selected service providers


Why Perfect Housing?

Perfect Housing is able to offer you the widest selection of screened properties tailored to expat businss professionals and companies looking for quality, security, peace of mind and a transparent rental process.

We have a partnering approach in which selected providers offer their services ranging from simply great properties, Home Search and relocation packages, through to schooling assistance and help with getting your utilities connected. Our partners who offer the Home Search Assistance service, do this on a no-cure, no-pay basis.


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