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Registering in The Hague

Registration Information

Published on : 21-12-2012, 14:21 by Perfect Housing

When you move to The Hague and expect to stay for longer than four months, you are required to register within five days of arrival at the local municipality. Your registration details will be stored in the city’s Personal Records Database (Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie Persoonsgegevens (GBA)).

The rules for registration differ depending on your personal situation – you can find more information about the procedures that apply to you in the links to the City of The Hague site below.


All people who register with the municipality are automatically issued a unique Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer (BSN)), the Dutch equivalent of a Social Security number.

The BSN number is used to help government agencies communicate and exchange information more efficiently, reliably and securely. You will need a BSN number in order to open a bank account, use the health care system, start a job and countless other basic activities.

More information about the BSN number can be found on the official (primarily Dutch-language) Burgerservicenummer site. There is a small English-language Frequently Asked Questions section available.

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