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Guide to Public Transport in The Hague

The Hague Public transportation method

Published on : 21-12-2012, 14:18 by Perfect Housing

The Hague is well-equipped with a comprehensive network of buses and trams that makes getting around the city fast and easy. You used to pay for bus and tram travel in cash or using a national Strippenkaart (zone-based ticketing system). However, in 2009 the Strippenkaart was phased out and replaced by a chip card (OV Chip Card).

There are plenty of taxis to be found throughout the city. You can (at times) hail one in the street, but it is generally more reliable to either order one by telephone or walk to one of the many taxi stands located at the train stations and various locations in the city. RegioTaxi Haaglanden provides relatively inexpensive taxi service and is equipped for handicap and less mobile passengers.

For travel outside the city, the Dutch railway network is very good. Trains are clean, generally operate on-schedule and provide good coverage of the country.

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