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Parking in The Hague

Parking Information

Published on : 21-12-2012, 14:22 by Perfect Housing

In order to park on the majority of the streets in The Hague you will either have to pay an hourly fee or be a resident in possession of a parking permit.

Paid Parking

On-street parking fees are high, and in general it is cheaper to park in a parking garage. In the centre, there are 20 different garages with 6,500 spots. There are 3 garages (with 4,500 spots) in Scheveningen. Both areas provide an automated parking guidance system to help you find the closest available space.

To pay for on-street parking, use one of the parking ticket dispensers that can be found at regular intervals along the sidewalk. The ticket dispensers take coins or, in some cases, a credit card or chipknip card (smart card). Payment is by the hour, with an hourly fee between €1.70 and €3.00 in 2012 depending on the part of the city. Not paying for a ticket or overstaying the time you have paid for could result in a parking ticket, which will set you back at least €54.

Parking Permits

Residents can apply for parking permits in neighbourhoods requiring them (see links below for more information). Parking permits are currently issued very quickly with no (or limited) waiting times.

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