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Starting a Business in the Netherlands

How Perfect Housing can help.

Published on : 01-11-2013, 17:03 by Joost Luttge

The Netherlands is one of Europe's busiest commercial nations and a prime location for anyone thinking of starting a business. Its strong economic climate offers an enviable environment for foreign investment, while a measly 20% corporate tax rate makes this an extremely attractive country for business minds. Holland's strategic location - coupled with its excellent air, rail and ship connections - allows for easy travel within Europe, America and Asia. Furthermore, the Dutch have a truly international culture (most citizens speak at least two languages), plus one of the best-educated work-forces in the world: two factors which help individuals to set up successful businesses.

A rental agent with connections

If you are thinking of moving to the Netherlands to start a business, remember Perfect Housing. We are one of the prime rental agencies in the Netherlands, with offices in the major cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Here, you can check out our extensive selection of properties or discuss any housing-related topic with one of our experts. But we offer more than just rental opportunities. As an well-established agency, we also have good relations with a number of government, investment and relocation agencies (from all major Dutch cities). This puts us in prime position to help you not only move to the Netherlands, but also to settle in and make important business connections! For example of how we are able to help individuals starting businesses in the Netherlands, see the anecdote below from an employee of the Rotterdam investment Agency (RIA).

Kick-start your business: How we can help

‘This summer, Joost Luttge mentioned that Teresa Doukas of Global Air Compass was searching for a house in Amsterdam. Apparently Teresa was hoping to move here in order to launch the first Dutch branch of her Greek shipping agency. Her links with the transport industry drove her, naturally, to the city of Rotterdam. Following the tip-off from Joost, the RIA (an affiliate of Amsterdam in Business) was able to get in touch directly with Teresa. After discussing her plans over the phone, an RIA representative arranged to meet Teresa the following week at the airport, during one of her visits to the Netherlands. This gave us the chance to promote our beloved city, while also offering her targeted business advice and a series of contacts for the Rotterdam business world. Teresa quickly found her ideal rental through Perfect Housing, and successfully launched her Rotterdam-based business this November. She openly admits that the contacts she made through us (both directly and indirectly) have helped her launch her Netherlands franchise, by enabling her to directly engage with potential customers and business partners. As a business, we are grateful to Perfect Housing for taking this dynamic initiative and helping all relevant parties to do business in the Netherlands.'

Planning to relocate or start your business in the Netherlands? We can help with our housing offer and business connections!


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