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Published on : 21-05-2013, 15:13 by Perfect housing


I've read some of your articles, I'm living in Rotterdam can I find an office like wswonen here in rotterdam. I rent a room and share WC bathroom and kitchen with another student. My landladies brother has just moved in to stay, a strong smoker and 50 years old. No sign of this in my rental contract. Where can I get valuable advice? I'm not a smoker myself and don't like it. thanks in advance, Veronica.


Tricky one and we're not lawyers. You could try the following in the following order:

  1. Try enquiring at someone like Access as they may at least be able to tell you your legal position without charging you a fee (they are a voluntary organisation)
  2. Explain to your landlady your aversion to passive smoking and request that smoking occur only outside
  3. If you have a strong legal position, then you could follow up with the threat of legal action (bit extreme but it is an option)
  4. If  you have a weak legal position, then you can either accept it or you'll have to consider moving.

Good luck finding your way through the smoke.

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