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Parking in Rotterdam

Parking in Rotterdam

Published on : 21-12-2012, 15:39 by Fred tromp

In order to park on the majority of streets in Rotterdam, you will either have to pay an hourly fee or be a resident in possession of a parking permit.

Paid Parking in Rotterdam

On-street parking fees vary depending on the area - the busier the area, the higher the fee. In general it is cheaper to park in a parking garage, of which there are many throughout the city.

In Rotterdam you can no longer use coins to pay for on-street parking. Payment can be made using one of the following:

  • Chipper or Chipknip - Dutch electronic wallet system that comes on most Dutch debit cards
  • Prepaid Chipknip - A special cash card available for tourists which can be purchased in many places across the city and used for parking and as payment in most stores and restaurants
  • Credit card - Many parking metres, particularly in the main shopping areas and city centre, allow you to pay using credit card
  • 06-parking - Use your mobile phone to pay. Requires a special card that you can obtain through Park-line (Dutch only)
  • Parking cards - Special parking cards that can be bought at 'Stadswinkels' (City shops) throughout Rotterdam

Parking Permits

Residents can apply for parking permits in neighbourhoods requiring them. Parking permit wait times vary depending on the neighbourhood. You can apply for a permit at the Stadstoezicht (in Dutch only) .

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