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Apartment prices in Rotterdam

The cost of living

Published on : 21-05-2010, 14:11 by Fred Tromp

There a lot to be said for and about one of the most dynamic and buzzing cities in The Netherlands. But what does it cost to live there? The overview below gives indicative prices and some examples of great apartments that are fairly priced.

Apartments below Euro 1200 per month

  • Apartment in Weena: In the middle of the China town part of Rotterdam. Very close to the centre, central station and other facilities. Good public transport connections.

  • Goudsesingel: Good area with good connection to the centre (tram and metro close-by). Easy access by public transport to the Erasmus University. The highway A16 is close by.

  • Nieuwe Binnenweg: This apartment is in the multi culture part of Rotterdam. The Nieuwe Binnenweg is a street that has a lot of international shops. Again the city centre is close by and easy to access by tram. This apartment is close by to the Erasmus Medical Centre (Erasmus MC).


Apartments between Euro 1200 and - Euro 1600

  • Kapelstraat: This propery is located in the most dynamic part of Rotterdam -The Lloydkwartier. An area close to the center and harbor of Rotterdam, but with a unique character.

  • Berlagestraat: Prins Alexander is an area on the outskirts of Rotterdam. It is newly developed and modern. It offers excellent public transport facilities such as metro, bus and train. The Alexander polder (reclaimed lowlands) offers a number of large shopping malls.

  • Aleidisstraat: Nice apartment in a cozy area. The centre is for about 5 minutes away. Close by the bus and trams which go to the central station and city centre.


Apartments above € 1600

  • Jufferstraat (various apartments available): One of the skycrapers of the centre in Rotterdam. The building, called Scheepmakerstoren, contains 26 storeys. The Jufferstraat in the wijnhaven area is, ofcourse, in the centre of Rotterdam. Close to the beautifull ‘Maasboulevard’ and the ‘Erasmusbrug’. We have a different and good, luxurious apartments in the Scheepmakerstoren.

  • Burg. Knappertlaan: This property is located in (the) Schiedam. Schiedam is a city and municipality in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands and is part of the Rotterdam metropolitan area. It is known for jenever (gin), its historical center with its canals, and the tallest old windmills in the world.

  • Lodewijk Pincoffsweg: In the new built well known ‘Monte Video’ tower. One of the highest skycrapers in the city. Located on the ‘Kop van Zuid’, close to the famous ‘Erasmusbrug’ and ‘Hotel New York’.

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