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Guides and News for Expats in Rotterdam

News for Expats in Rotterdam

Rental Facts and Figures:
All you need to know about the Dutch rental market

The Dutch housing market is constantly changing and differs per region. Take a look at our overview of the main facts and figures regarding the rental market in the Netherlands!

Apartment prices in Rotterdam:
The cost of living

Prices of apartments There a lot to be said for and about one of the most dynamic and buzzing cities in The Netherlands. But what does it cost to live there? The overview below gives indicative prices and some examples of great apartments that are fairly priced.

Life in The Netherlands:
Introduction to a life The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small but well-formed country with a limited internal market. Consequently the Dutch look across their borders with German-made, high-power binoculars for additional markets to do business with.

Resources Rotterdam:
Finding your way in Rotterdam

If you are considering moving to Rotterdam, or are already a resident, the following resources will hopefully help you find your way in one of the most dynamic, fast-moving cities in the Netherlands. Good luck finding your way around.

Guides for Expats in Rotterdam

Parking in Rotterdam:
Parking in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Parking In order to park on the majority of streets in Rotterdam, you will either have to pay an hourly fee or be a resident in possession of a parking permit

Rotterdam Area Guide:
Where to live in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Areas New to Rotterdam and wondering where to live?There are plenty of areas in Rotterdam to consider in the city and surrounding villages, each with its own local highlights, hotspots and charm.

Rotterdam Facts and Figures:
Rotterdam Facts and Figures in a Nutshell

Facts about Rotterdam Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands and the largest port in Europe. It is located in the west of the country, at the end of the Rhine delta on the banks of the Nieuwe Maas.

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