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Register in the Netherlands

priority #1 - your BSN number

Published on : 05-07-2016, 10:07 by Betty & Bob

When you first move to Amsterdam it can be a bit overwhelming. The Netherlands do that to people sometimes.

Besides cheese, tulips and wooden shoes, there is loads of administrative stuff to sort out. Conveniently most of them is in Dutch.
About wooden shoes.. Did you know that if you go visit the farm of our nephew, you can see someone actually wearing these wooden shoes who is not from the middle ages?

You have enough to worry about when you move to the Netherlands: a new house, family doctor, health insurance, getting settled, a school for the kids.
Timewise, you could actually do without the new job, because there is so much to organize.
So let’s get you sorted out without too much concerns and hassle and – from an administrative perspective - let’s start with priority #1.

#1 registration in the Netherlands

The most important thing is your registration with the local governance office. The Dutch word for local governance office is Gemeente.
Gemeente, remember that word, no Dutch person knows the translation regardless of their knowledge of the English language.
When you register you will get your BSN number. You need this registration in order to rent (or even buy) a place to stay.
You cannot register anything official without your BSN number. As far as the Gemeente is concerned, you are your BSN number.

#2 types of registration in the Netherlands

There are two types of registrations possible for expats.
If you are planning to stay less than 90 days you are not considered a resident and you have to register in the Registry for Non-Residents (
Registratie Niet Ingezetenen, RNI). 
The Netherlands is not that big, I know we all think you can see it all within four months if you put your hart to it. You may need a tourist visa though, so be careful to get one in time.

If you are planning to stay longer, apply for the Registry for Residents.

#3 Where to register in the Netherlands

In Amsterdam you can register at two different locations (for both types of registration):

Please make sure you bring all necessary documents to the Gemeente. 

Like I said at the beginning of this blog; it can all be a bit overwhelming.
Betty & Bob would be very pleased to get you settled and lighten your administrative load, so don’t hesitate to contact Betty & Bob to help you out and check our services.

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