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The Biggest Social Network for Expatriates

Published on : 02-07-2015, 15:03 by InterNations

Established in 2007, InterNations has become the largest international network for expatriates, with over 1.7 million members and communities in 390 cities worldwide. Offering networking opportunities both online and offline, local events, and up-to-date information about every aspect of moving abroad, InterNations aims to make life easier for expats.

Are you new to the Netherlands? Interested in networking and getting to know other global minds? With InterNations, you can meet like-minded people at regular events in your city, donate your time and talents with the Volunteer Program, join groups for your favorite hobbies, or try something completely new.

When moving to a new country, it is good to have plenty of information to smooth the transition. InterNations offers helpful guide articles on how to navigate the large and small administrative issues in your new home, and if you have more specific questions, the community forums are the ideal place to get local tips and advice from already established expatriates.


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