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Other costs of renting

in Amsterdam

Published on : 21-05-2012, 14:47 by Perfect Housing


Not really hidden, but not always obvious

When you rent an apartment, you typically focus on the main cost: the rent. Although this is THE main cost, there are other taxes and charges that either fall on your shoulders of that of the property owner.

If you are unaware of these, you can have a bit of a surprise sometime during the year. So, with the goal of removing surprises, here is a quick overview of how this looks in Amsterdam (other cities in the Netherlands will have their own version).

  • Verontreinigingsheffing: This is a pollution levy for direct drainage of effluent into surface water of an independent residence not connected to sewer system. For single occupancy, this is Euro 54 per year and if there is more than one occupant, Euro 162 per year (the OCCUPANT pays this to WATERNET).
  • Watersysteemheffing ingezetenen: This is a levy for use of public water system of independent residence. A mere Euro 93.24 per year (the OCCUPANT pays this to WATERNET).
  • Afvalstoffenheffng: A levy for refuse collection. Different rates apply for different parts of the city. Amsterdam Centrum charges Euro 239.28 per year for single occupancy and Euro 318.72 per year for more than one occupant (the OCCUPANT pays this to GEMEENTE AMSTERDAM).
  • Rioolheffng: A levy for connection to sewer system. A fixed charge of EUro 149.41 per year (the LANDLORD pays this to GEMEENTE AMSTERDAM).
  • Watersysteemheffing gebouwd: A levy for use of public water system of independent residence. This is charged at 0.0125561% of the WOZ-value (the LANDLORD pays this to WATERNET).
  • Onroerende-zaakbelasting: Property tax charged at 0.05950% of assessed property value per year (the LANDLORD pays this to GEMEENTE AMSTERDAM).


Last updated on 1 january 2013. Be aware that this information might be outdated.

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