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A day in the life of a rental consultant

Published on : 21-05-2013, 14:17 by

Hi - I'm Annie and work as a rental consultant for Perfect Housing

Today looked like this...

Arrive at 9.02. My boss gives me the "You're two minutes late" look. Should I point out that I was viewing until after eight (sounds like a mint) last night? Probably not. The next 28 minutes see me scrabbling to send intro emails to a dozen new clients allocated to me in the period 9.00 to 9.02. Yep - just before I got in. Still, better too many than none. Anyway, I need to go viewing once more with my French client. Coffee in hand, I wobble my way on the company bike to the Jordaan to view a charming apartment in the Willemstraat.

Viewing goes well. French client likes. One question though, "Do I have to pay you anything?" Er... yes. You commissioned us for a Home Search. Just like it says in the intro mail and as explained on the phone. "Tax though - 21% - I don't need to pay that, right?" At 9.58 I'm back in the office working admin on deals closed but not checked-in. Finance confirms that crucial funds have not cleared for two deals checking-in tomorrow. I have no time to panic, so I ask the very nice girl in finance to panic for me.

At 10.30 the Frenchman from the morning viewing calls. He liked to take the Willemstraat but his wife needs to see it and his start date has moved to 1-June. Can he have an option for two months? No. Alongside my rental consultant role, I lead a team of three others. They seem a tad jaded and tired. One of them was late this morning. I give him the "look." They all have clients that need attention. They nod when I point this out. I give instructions. No one takes any notes.Touching base with new clients and planning trips for Friday takes me through lunch but I forget to do the eating part. Begging half a sandwich off the telephonist, I'm back on the company bike with sandwich in hand heading to the Pijp to view the Marie Heinekenplein and Daniel Stalpertstraat. The client is French. A different one.

Back to the office at 14.30 just in time to grab notes and a company car to pick up said client from the Pulitzer Hotel and head to Van Eeghenstraat in Oud Zuid. The client is not French but, on hearing that I was viewing with French clients earlier in the day, launches into a monologue on France, the French, their cuisine and the best spots in the Loire if you simply love nature. Viewing done. Back to office for more deal crunching. Off at 17.00 for final appointment of the day - a check-in on the Ceintuurbaan with a pain-in-the-ear client (excuse my French) who will want to count every utensil and everything else at least twice. My boss gives me a look that says "Are you leaving already?" Hope to be in the gym by 19.00. 


Signing off. Annie.


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