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The Multilingual Job Board in The Netherlands

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Together Abroad – “The online Multilingual Job Board in The Netherlands” – is the go-to place for professionals.

Together Abroad
With an exclusive database of international vacancies, internships, interim assigments and volunteer positions, Together Abroad – “The online Multilingual Job Board in The Netherlands” – is the go-to place for professionals.

Together Abroad offers international companies a new strategy for recruiting multilingual staff in the Netherlands and multilingual talents can search and select their ideal job on their job board. They also offer career assistance for foreigners, Dutch multi-linguals and companies to overcome difficulties in the Dutch labour market. The Together Abroad consultants have a vast experience with internationals looking for jobs or already working in the Netherlands

Partner Employment - part of “Together Abroad” can offer your company also assistance woith Partner Employment,

Why should partner employment be a key issue for international employers looking to hire overseas applicants into their business? If a spouse is not happy the employee usually won’t stay in the job within your company! Partners of expats want to work but struggle to find work

Make it part of your employer offering!
Partner Employment, part of “Together Abroad” can offer your company assistance with;

  • Career counselling
  • CV Check
  • CV – review
  • CV re-write
  • Interview training
  • Workhops:
    - Culture trainings
    - Labour law trainings
  • Active job hunting
  • Guiding to employment chanels, recruitment agencies, job boards, companies
  • Networking
  • International job fairs


Individual assistance;
Job hunting is challenging and can be quite stressful at times, especially when it involves a career change. Together Abroad has the expertise and experience to offer you advice and guidance on potential Dutch job prospects through a number of individual sessions with a career advisor. Through these sessions we examine the opportunities available to you, taking into account your skills, work experience, strengths, weaknesses and potential barriers.

Together Abroad is also a nationwide partner of UWV for reintegration of mutilingual unemployed receiving the WW-benefits, WIA or Wajong. It means that the candidates can choose to follow a IRO (individual reintergration Traject ) with Together Abroad. 

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