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Published on : 23-01-2013, 16:05 by IamExpat

Since it was first established, November 2009, has grown into an influential community-based and publishing platform that welcomes thousands of expat members and visitors every month. They provide to covering the English-speaking internationals who currently residing in, evaluating moving to and / or following the latest news and trends in The Netherlands. 

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Information published in their website includes up-to-date ‘local’ information, news, services providers and lifestyle suggestions as well as organising events on a regular basis. All the information is a great supplement specifically for expats of all colours, shapes and sizes, to gain deeper insight about ‘inside’ information about The Netherlands. 

Enriched with practical information, insightful comments, proposals and inquiries by local and global expats on a daily basis. 


" is a community-driven, online media platform aiming at covering the local needs of all English-speaking internationals currently residing in or evaluating moving to the Netherlands."


IamExpat is dedicated to providing:

Expat Articles
Dutch News
Lifestyle Suggestions
Expat Events
Expat Forum


IamExpat also organises social events on a regular basis. Get informed by:

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