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Dutch tax refund and childcare allowance

Published on : 03-05-2016, 10:12 by Perfect Housing

Do you recognize the struggle of assigning your Dutch income tax refund? Or maybe you have a child and you have no clue of where to start assigning childcare allowance? But why would you struggle? 

Blue Umbrella is your partner in tax

We would like to introduce you to Blue Umbrella and take away your hassle: For over more than 10 years of experience, Blue Umbrella is your partner in Dutch income tax refund and childcare allowance.

Blue Umbrella started, in co-operation with the Dutch Tax Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a private support desk for families from diplomatic and consular missions to arrange their childcare and allowances. Blue Umbrella expanded her services to international organizations such as the international criminal court and the European patent office. Blue Umbrella designed an online tax filing service for international professionals who are facing a hard time complying with the Dutch tax regulations.
So make your life easier and contact Blue Umbrella.

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