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Expat Experience - Lucas's story:
Dutch way of life

Expat Experience - Lucas's story When I first arrived in Amsterdam 7 years ago, it was a chilly day in mid-September. I immediately picked up on all the differences I had never experienced before. There are countless 'Kanaals' crossing the city...

Expat Experience - Becky's story:
The little things

Becky - Expat Experience It was the little, every day differences that struck a chord when I first arrived. Instead of driving once or twice a week to a mega-supermarket, for example, I found myself every day in the Albert Hein.

Expat Experience - Mike's story:
Housing challenge

Mike Russell - Expat Experience Housing remains a challenge: a place you like for the budget you have in mind, in a happening part of town. Twenty years back, professional housing agencies were few and far between and could be described as cowboys.

A day in the life of a rental consultant:

Coffee in hand, I wobble my way on the company bike to the Jordaan to view a charming apartment in the Willemstraat. The brakes don't really work as the bike has not been maintained for at least three years and many essential bits - like brakes - have rusted solid. Viewing goes well. French client likes.

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