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Bringing a pet to The Netherlands

Expat pet movement information

Published on : 17-12-2012, 16:24 by Perfect Housing

Cats, dogs and ferrets

An EU Pet Passport is required to bring cats, dogs and ferrets into the Netherlands from another EU member country. A pet passport is available from your veterinarian and is used to certify the health of your pet.
Cats, dogs and ferrets must also be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days prior to departure and will need an electronic identification microchip or (until July 2011) identification tattoo. Animals complying with these requirements will not be quarantined upon entering the country.

If you are bringing a cat, dog or ferret from a non-EU country other rules may apply. Check with the Dutch embassy in your country before departing to find out what rules are applicable to you.
All dog owners are required to register their dog(s) at the local town hall. You will be charged a yearly dog tax for each dog.

Other animals

Currently, other non-endangered animals can be brought into the Netherlands from another EU country member with a health certificate issued by a veterinarian at most 10 days prior to arrival. As with cats, dogs and ferrets, if you are arriving from a non-EU member country, first check to see what rules apply in your situation.
If you are travelling with an unusual animal, it is strongly recommended to check ahead of time with the Dutch embassy in your country, the airline and the EU regulations on Animal Health and Welfare to avoid unexpected problems.

Useful links:
EU Guidelines

Emergency veterinary services in The Hague:
Spoedkliniek (emergency clinic)
Het Zicht 61
2543 AK, The Hague. 
Tel: 070 366 0701

Emergency veterinary services in Amsterdam:
Spoedkliniek (night and weekend emergency clinic)(Not a drop in clinic, call first) 
Tel: 020 694 4766

De Toevlucht Stichting Vogelhospitaal (Bird Hospital)
Bijlmerweide 1
1103 RR Amsterdam Zuidoost. 
Tel: 020 600 1144

Emergency veterinary services in Rotterdam:
Spoedkliniek (emergency clinic)
Korperweg 35
3084 NC  Rotterdam
Tel. 0900 112 0000

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