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Where to live in The Netherlands?

Published on : 26-08-2013, 15:02 by Fred Tromp

The Netherlands is a small country but has an incredible amount to offer. There are a number cosmopolitan cities, each known for their very own atmosphere and culture.

Want to know which area you want to live in? Looking for the best suited district in either Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague? Take a look at the rental differences in the three big cities and see which city suits your best.  With a large number of international schools spread all over the country, and expats finding they're home all around, each city has a lot to offer. It is important to think carefully about which city to relocate to, as they are indeed very different. A visit would definitely be recommendable. For any advice feel free to contact us, or take a look at the neighbourhood guides and city facts below. 

Neighbourhoud Guides

Find out more about each area in one of the big cities in one the following guides; 


Amsterdam Area Guide

Rotterdam Area Guide

The Hague Area Guide


City Fact Guides

Want to know more facts about the big cities?

The Hague city facts

Rotterdam city facts

Amsterdam city facts

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