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Parking in Amsterdam

Parking Information

Published on : 31-07-2014, 15:17 by Joost Luttge

Paid Parking

Parking in Amsterdam is notoriously expensive. It is known as one of the most expensive cities in Europe to park in. However, it can vary significantly in prices depending on which neighborhood you park in. We therefore strongly suggest that you plan beforehand where to park your car. Public transport is great in Amsterdam, and if need be, it is possible to park for a longer period outside the center and not pay extortionate prices, and then take public transport into the city center. This is also how the locals with a car do it. Maneuvering through the Amsterdam canals by car and looking for a place to park is not a recommendable experience.

Please do note that paid parking in Amsterdam is all electronic. You can only pay by card and just have to fill in your license plate. There will be no ticket printed out, it is all saved digitally!

There are a number of websites available by the municipality, on which it is clearly indicated which areas are best to park in and their respective prices. Additionally they also provide information regarding more long-term parking. They provide day, week and monthly parking cards as well.

Parking Permits
A parking permit in Amsterdam is the holy grail of every inhabitant owning a car. Unfortunately this means that they are rare and have long waiting lists. Depending on the area, it may or may not be a possibility to obtain one. Oud-Zuid is one of the few Amsterdam neighborhoods where there is no waiting list. Your rental agent will be able to provide you with the current status of parking in each neighborhood, whether there is a waiting list, and if so, how long it is. Please do keep in mind that this information can change daily, parking permits in Amsterdam is a notorious business!


If a parking space is a must, Perfect Housing does offer apartments in Amsterdam that come along with a parking space. Depending on the location this can add from EUR 200 to EUR 500 to your monthly rent. However, there are a number of relatively new areas where many apartment buildings have parking garages.

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