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Rental apartment in Tweede Jan Steenstraat, AmsterdamHighlighted by Perfect Housing
Tweede Jan Steenstraat


€ 1650 / month
Rental apartment in Leidsekade, AmsterdamHighlighted by Perfect Housing


€ 1650 / month
Rental apartment in Helmersstraat, RotterdamHighlighted by Perfect Housing


€ 1695 / month

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Moving to another country can be a challenging experience. Perfect Housing lists screened rental properties to make relocating and settling in a bit easier.

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Rotterdam Facts and FiguresRotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands and the largest port in Europe. It is located in the west of the country, at the end of the Rhine delta on the banks of the Nieuwe Maas.

A day in the life of a rental consultantCoffee in hand, I wobble my way on the company bike to the Jordaan to view a charming apartment in the Willemstraat. The brakes don't really work as the bike has not been maintained for at least three years and many essential bits - like brakes - have rusted solid. Viewing goes well. French client likes.

Rotterdam Area GuideNew to Rotterdam and wondering where to live?There are plenty of areas in Rotterdam to consider in the city and surrounding villages, each with its own local highlights, hotspots and charm.

Service Provider RecommendationsComprehensive general information package containing useful tips for living in The Netherlands.

Bringing a pet to The NetherlandsBringing a cat, dog or ferret into the country? Check to see what rules apply!

Rotterdam Facts and Figures
Rotterdam, All news

A day in the life of a rental consultant
All news, Expat Experiences

Rotterdam Area Guide
Rotterdam, All news

Service Provider Recommendations
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Bringing a pet to The Netherlands
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, All news, The Hague

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The leading website for Rental Apartments in the Netherlands

On our website, you'll find a selection of screened properties from partner providers throughout The Netherlands. We'd like to hear from you wherever you are looking to live whether it be Amsterdam, Leiden, Rotterdam or Amstelveen or anywhere else. Use our Home Search Assistance to - once you give the 'go' - get assistance from a partner Home Search provider. With over 15 years experience in showcasing the best rental properties to expats, and with access to an extensive property portfolio, we have established ourselves as the preferred housing website for companies, their expat employees, and relocation professionals in The Netherlands. 

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