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Rent a home or apartment in Hellevoetsluis

Hellevoetsluis has a variety of rental apartments available, take a look at our portfolio to find your perfect home!

Finding a home in Hellevoetsluis

Hellevoetsluis is an attractive and charming residential area with about 40,000 residents. The bustling area offers its residents a number of fun family and community nights; the sense of community is very important in Hellevoetsluis. This Rotterdam neighborhood has a range of sporting halls, shopping centers, and an authentic Dutch weekly market available. Additionally, there is diverse selection of cafes and restaurants located all around Hellevoetsluis. Renting a house in Hellevoetsluis gives you the opportunity to live in a charming town whilst having easy access to the Rotterdam city center.

The rich history of Hellevoetsluis

Situated right below Rotterdam and bordering Haringvliet, Hellevoetsluis is a perfectly located and fortified town with a rich historic background. At the start of the 17th century, this area became the homeport for the Dutch navy. The families who have decided to rent a house or apartment in Hellevoetsluis live in a stunning fortress, with access to beautiful beaches and a number of water sports. Residents in this neighborhood are surrounded by culture; music, museums, film, and theatre are much appreciated. Moreover, there are a many sport facilities available, amongst which are ample swimming opportunities, either in the North sea, the Haringvlier or just a regular swimming pool. Check out the Perfect Housing website to find your new home now!

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