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Renting a house or apartment in Charlois

With the wide range of houses and apartments in Charlois, there is a home for everyone! Take a look at the Perfect Housing website for the available rental properties.

There is a diverse range of Charlois residences

The neighborhood Charlois is located close to the center of Rotterdam, right below the Nieuwe Maas River. People living in Charlois can enjoy the picturesque views of the old church, streets, and manor houses. Charlois’ architecture is quite diverse. Besides the historic houses, there are also freestanding farmhouses, villas, and modern apartments for rent in Charlois. The area is green and rural, with a cozy village atmosphere.

Feeling at home in Charlois

Houses for rent in Charlois are good value for money, and its population is very diverse. Whether you are in search of a child-friendly neighborhood or a place to go mountain biking, Charlois is the place to be. There are playgrounds and daycare centers for the kids, and biking paths along the old train tracks. There are sport clubs and recreation centers available for all of Charlois inhabitants and visitors. Moreover, there are many shops in this area, and a good cup of coffee will be easy to find. Public transport in Charlois is widely available. One can easily travel from Charlois to other areas in Rotterdam with the metro or tram number 2 or 25. For people who are looking for a home in Rotterdam, this is the perfect place to combine comfortable living and work life together.

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Rental apartment in Rilland Bathstraat, Rotterdam
Rilland Bathstraat, Charlois, Rotterdam

Charlois, Rotterdam

Apartment for rent in Rilland Bathstraat, Rotterdam. A sizable 2 bedroom apartment (unfurnished) of approximately 80 m2 located on the Rilland Bathstraat in the Charlois neighbourhood of Rotterdam. Read more...

2 Bedrooms
80 M2
Availabe per: Nov 2017
€ 1100 / month
Rental apartment in Aalscholverstraat, Rotterdam
Aalscholverstraat, Charlois, Rotterdam

Charlois, Rotterdam

Apartment for rent in Aalscholverstraat , Rotterdam. A considerable 3 bedroom apartment (unfurnished) of approximately 110 m2 located on the Aalscholverstraat in the Charlois neighbourhood of Rotterdam. Read more...

3 Bedrooms
110 M2
Availabe per: Dec 2017
€ 1300 / month

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